Team Members Hand-Selected for Dallas Conference

We know how far we can go if we commit to nonstop learning. That’s why professional development is part of the Excel, Inc ethos. We take advantage of every educational opportunity. The most recent event was a quarterly networking conference, held in Dallas, Texas.

Select high performers from Team Excel, Inc were invited to the industry function. They received hands-on training, as well as time to network with other professionals in our field. Although learning and skill-building were the chief benefits of the event, it offered a long list of other positive outcomes:

• Group Bonding: We enjoyed every moment we spent meeting influential people from all over the country, and the chance to tighten our own relationships was just as meaningful. We didn’t have to focus on our usual daily tasks, so there was ample time to simply get to know each other better. Such experiences fortify our culture of teamwork.

• Self-Care Options: Self-care is another benefit of spending time away from the office. We care about our routines, yet we also know that breaking free from the grind once in a while helps prevent burnout. Disrupting our habits, exploring an unfamiliar place, and absorbing new information keep the mind sharp and overall energy high.

The Dallas conference was a huge success. Check out the Excel, Inc Newswire to stay updated on our travel activities.