Simple and Proven Interviewing Strategies

We’ve interviewed a wide range of candidates through the course of Excel, Inc’s ongoing growth. Through these experiences, we’ve learned what works best when trying to identify the right fits for our culture. Here are a few simple and reliably effective strategies we put to good use every time we meet with a prospective addition to our team.

Doing research on each candidate before the interview is the best place to start. We want to be sure every question we ask is relevant to the person’s background and the position he or she wants to fill. Sometimes, we need to do our homework because a potential hire has past responsibilities or achievements with which we’re unfamiliar.

We also do our best to put candidates at ease before we begin our interviews. Taking a few minutes to explain the structure of the meeting is a good way to set the stage for a clear outcome. If a person is overly nervous, we steer the conversation in a more relaxed direction to get things back on track.

Perhaps most importantly, we treat every interview as a true two-way conversation. We make it a top priority to listen more than we speak so that we can learn as much as possible about every potential addition to Team Excel, Inc. Our intention is to have the discussion flow naturally from one important topic to the next.

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