Expert Insights for Successful Interviews

Just as you invest care and attention in the development of your résumé and cover letter, it’s important to apply a high level of diligence to your interview. After all, the interview is your big opportunity to prove that you’re the right fit for the role. It’s imperative to make a great impression. Fortunately, there are many techniques you can employ to get off on the right foot. We often see these strategies at play during Excel, Inc interviews.

For instance, it’s important to prepare for behavioral questions. These types of inquiries are quite popular, because they shed a lot of light on candidates and their abilities. According to the director of The Workforce Institute, Joyce Maroney, “Behavioral interview is a pretty common technique among hiring managers. That means fewer questions involving recitation of your accomplishments and more about how you produced a particular result and what you learned from that experience. Prepare yourself by reflecting on your key accomplishments and… what you learned from each.”

It’s also important to make a pitch. Sell yourself just as you would showcase a product or service. Babich & Associates owner and president, Tony Beshara, says about job applicants; “They need to… convey what they can do for the company that nobody else can.” This is an especially important skill to highlight if you want to join Team Excel, Inc, because it so closely relates to our day-to-day work.

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