Our Commitment to a Strong Team Culture

Company culture is a huge Excel, Inc priority, so we’re always looking for new ways to forge stronger bonds between our team members. Our firm’s President explained, “If our team members have strong relationships outside work, they’ll bring those same connections into the office and motivate each other even more.”

Travel events provide some of the best opportunities to tighten team bonds. Our promotional specialists have the chance to attend all kinds of industry functions, including conferences, seminars, and road trips to other successful offices. Some of our team members recently traveled to Newport Beach, California, creating lasting memories in the process.

When our people hit the road together, they get to see personality traits that might not be expressed during normal workdays. “This leads to smoother teamwork when they return to the Excel, Inc office,” our President noted. “Our people fuse their talents on a regular basis, but the aftermath of a travel event is an especially productive time for collaboration. With greater knowledge of each other’s skills, our team members work together with more confidence.”

Learning as a team helps strengthen our company culture. Our team members attend all kinds of conferences and seminars, but they also make use of internal training. Morale stays high because our people know they can keep improving their skills.

We’re dedicated to giving our team members the ideal atmosphere in which to succeed. Follow Excel, Inc on Twitter for more on how we strengthen our culture.