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It’s a time of expansion at Excel, Inc., and our team needs to grow along with us. We’re looking for individuals with innovative ideas to come on board. Once hired, they receive access to an incredible benefits package.

It’s important that our associates feel valued, so we reward creativity and dedication.

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Onboarding at Excel, Inc.

We take a hands-on approach with our newest team members, which means they’re immersed in Excel, Inc.’s methods from day one. We never resort to the manuals and training videos. Instead, we encourage them to delve into brand interactions with consumers and hone their skills through our campaigns.


Our leaders are loyal Excel, Inc. branding experts who have risen through the ranks to reach the management level. That means they know what team members need to succeed in the event promotions industry. Their skills have been honed to a high degree, and they’re enthusiastic about paying it forward in the form of support and feedback.


Teamwork is what drives our success at Excel, Inc., and it makes us stand out in the industry. We’ve built a culture where individual autonomy is valued, yet there is no pressure to compete with colleagues. We work together to achieve greatness. When one of us succeeds, we all do!

Travel the Globe

One way we reward our team members’ dedication is by offering travel opportunities. We head out to diverse locations as a team – from regional trainings to exotic retreats – and our Excel, Inc. associates reap the rewards.

Professional Growth

Networking is among the keys to career success, and our associates’ professional development matters to us. We provide them with many opportunities to attend conferences and other activities so they can make connections with local business leaders and industry experts. Their confidence grows, and so does our overall success.

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