Business Philanthropy: Helpful Hints for Giving

Community giving is woven tightly into the Excel, Inc. culture. It’s such an important part of who we are that we are regularly recognized for it. Our philanthropic commitment motivates people to partner with us – and even to join our team. We rely on a few best practices to ensure that giveback remains a fundamental aspect of our firm’s image.

The first step of our process is to determine how much of our time and resources we can offer. As we consider which cause to help (which we do as a team), we assess our options and decide how we will make an impact. We’ve run food, toy, and clothing drives. We’ve done hands-on work, and we’ve participated in fundraisers. In each situation, we know exactly how much we can provide. This way, we don’t burn out or over-promise anything.

The next phase is to choose a nonprofit organization on which to focus. Research is part of our Excel, Inc campaign development activities, so we know how to gather relevant data on various agencies. The objective is to find out which bests allocates funding and other donations, so that we can maximize our influence.

Finally, we prefer to keep our giving efforts relatively low-key. Philanthropy does enhance our public relations, but PR isn’t our primary motivation for our charitable work. Focusing more on the tasks at hand better allows us to enjoy the rewarding feelings that result.

We put these methods to work for every giveback endeavor. Follow Excel, Inc onTwitter to learn more about them.