Excel, Inc.’s
Innovative Marketing Strategy

Is your marketing strategy getting the brand exposure you deserve? Are you standing out in the crowd, clicking with potential customers, and watching your business grow?
At Excel, Inc., we know it’s difficult to launch products and rise above the clutter in an increasingly competitive market. This is particularly true with online marketing.

That’s why we’ve invested our energy in event-based sales solutions. Our methods build emotional connections between customers and brands. Every one of our campaigns is driven by the Excel, Inc. values, which make each promotion shine with integrity and professionalism. With us, your product will be known far and wide.

We won’t settle for anything less than the best. Learn more about our methods.
Our Approach

Notes From Kinsey, Excel, Inc. President


My goal with Excel, Inc. is to provide opportunities for the public to interact directly with products. We’re masters at creating brand experiences that take brand messaging offline. Our live approach engages people to address their specific needs.

Targeted Audiences
Our outreach projects don’t merely focus on product sales. We establish rapport with targeted audiences. In this way, we earn consumer confidence much more quickly than is possible with conventional methods, leaving them open to learning how a product will enhance their lives. Our interactive techniques consistently increase revenue numbers and market reach.

High-End Products
My team and I have developed strategic connections in high-end retail locations where we showcase products. This way, brands receive maximum exposure in markets to which they wouldn’t otherwise have access. We gain the attention businesses need to grow through our boutique pop-up events.

Strategic Processes
Our campaigns are carefully scheduled and strategically placed in busy venues. We put products in the right places, at the best times, and using optimal channels. Our specialty is in making consumer action easy and success inevitable.


Excel, Inc.’s Promotional Trifecta

My colleagues and I are committed to serving some of today’s most sought-after brands. How does our real-time approach get results? We focus on three core areas – audience, products, and strategy. This model means we beat the competition every time.

We won’t settle for anything less than the best.
Learn more about our methods.

Our Approach